Song of The Day - Thursday - Cool and Misty Morning

Good Morning All!
Left a little late this morning and it was a little bit of a dash to get to the train station, I got there with 3 minutes to spare but I never trust Southeastern rail enough for my train to somehow leave without me because they decided to be early. 

Last nights Bake Off was fun and there were a lot of fails from a lot of people. I was not expecting some of the bakers to do so badly on the challenges. It did make me want to bake but I may wait until the weekend so I can make stuff for the charity evening I am going to. 

After all the excitement from Bake Off, I took a shower and sat in bed watching a few episodes of Warehouse 13. I love this series, it's such a shame that it ended.

Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you all have a lovely Thursday!