Song of The Day - Monday - Wisdom Teeth HOOOOOOO!

Morning All!
Monday again, Boooo!
On the upside I was awake early and in turn I left for the station early, thus being on time for once. 

Today my wisdom tooth on the left bottom side of my mouth is back to it's old tricks, I will be on a mission to buy bongela and pain killers when I get to London. 

On Saturday we went to a charity games night at my inlaw's house, we raised a around £500 for the cancer research charities. I also got to drink wine with my mum which is always a plus. 

I also started working on my Halloween costume this weekend and I feel this one may demand much sewing. Sometimes I feel I should give in and just make cosplays because that is how far the costumes go. I am usually sewing/painting right up to the last minute. 

Sunday was a day of a little housework and computer game playing. I got in some much needed RimWorld playing and Charmed watching. 

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a great Monday!