Song of The Day - Monday - Soggy Monday

Morning All!
It's Monday again and it is a soggy one, let's hope that it cheers up for the afternoon. 

Despite the ups and downs of weather, I still managed to have a lovely weekend. On Saturday my family is I went down to Faversham for the annual Hopefully Festival, it always has such a great atmosphere. I tried a salted caramel cider which was incredibly sweet and strong, it actually did taste of salted caramel though. It rained towards the end of the day so we made out way home got a taxi from the station because it has got really heavy and came home to some expectant cats. We feed them and then went and ordered Chinese food from the takeaway at the end of my road. 

Sunday was game day and I spent the day playing RimWorld and The Sims 3 while watching Charmed, I also had the odd cat cuddle too.

Now back to reality....
Let's see what Monday has to offer. 
Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog!! 
I hope that you have a great Monday!