Song of The Day - Friday - 1 Day Week!!

Happy Friday!
I have been away from the blog for a few days this week, I took some time off work so I didn't have to deal with Southeastern rail's fuckery. I new it was a complete shit storm due to the fact that I was still getting notifications from SE about all the delays and Cancellations plus my fellow commuters didn't have too much fun either.

Last Friday I went out with my other half and his work friends, I made the mistake of accepting a shot of sambucca are some point and was very ill in the early hours of Saturday morning. I hadn't had that much to drink but sambucca does not agree with me and I am sick every time. That was a very long night on the sofa and in the bath.

Then on Saturday there was bad movie night and we watched some super fun and bed movies. Monday was my partner's dad's small birthday afternoon with some of his family. 

The rest of the week was spent watching films, playing games and doing the odd household job. We bought a new vacuum cleaner, adult excitement of being able to actually clean the cat hair off the carpet. We also finally put together the barbecue we had bought ages ago and actually had a little barbecued food for dinner. 

Now I am back for one day, I couldn't get this day off work but I don't mind going in for one day. This weekend it is the Faversham Hop festival which I will be going to in Saturday, if you happen to be in Faversham Kent on this day come say hi. 
Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog! I hope that you have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend!