Song of The Day - Wednesday - Half Way Through!

Happy Wednesday!
We are now half way through the week! 
The train seems to be fine today... Hopefully and I sent of my delay repay to Southeastern rail (compensation), this will help me pay for the next ticket when it comes. I am calmer than yesterday, so for the huge rant.

Last night since my train got me home on time I was able to actually have an evening. I was able to eat dinner, paint my nails and get a bit of The Sims 4 in before I went to bed. I have been playing with the aliens that you can play as, they are quite odd but I like it. 

Keep an eye out for Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard, The Last Witch Hunter and Willow feature today. 

Song of The Day:
Yes this is the song they used for the Charmed intro. 

Thank you for reading my blog you lovely people!
Feel free to leave a comment or message me on the various forms of social media. I hope you have fantastic Wednesday!