Song of The Day - Tuesday - Crap App Rises Once More

Good Morning everyone and a very happy Tuesday! 

I had absolutely no time this morning to sit down and prepare my blog so I'm crap apping this morning without a template. I'm sorry that the presentation looks rubbish and the video link is just http. I will edit it when I can.

Last night I finally got my mits on a copy of No Man's Sky on PS4, this is because the PC version doesn't seem to want to work for everyone that bought it and we are playing it safe for now.

I promptly died within 10 minutes of game play because the planet I spawned on gets really bloody hot during the day and burnt me to death while I was trying to repair my ship. 

Once I had respawned I started again, this time I made it to the spot I needed without burning to death and collect the materials I needed to fix my ship. This is as far as we got since we were testing it before dinner, tonight we may play some more.

Song of The Day :
Pentatonix - The Evaluation of Michael Jackson

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have an excellent Tuesday!!