Song of The Day - Thursday - There's A Chill In The Air

Happy Thursday!
It's super chilly this morning for August and I am glad I put on my slightly thicker shirt today even if it does warm up. Lloyds of London is cold at the moment because it seems they do not know that if the temperature gets cooler outside, the temperature needs to go up to make up for it. 

Last night I got an early night because I had a very bad nights sleep the night before. Today I feel much better than I did and we were even able to leave on time and that meant we could play a little Pokemon Go on the walk down to the station. 

Tonight I have a few home DIY projects to plan, the house needs some work, the garden needs some work and my fabric isn't going to sew itself. I plan to make a roll up blind for the front door so that we can block out the sun if we want actually see what's happening on the tv. I also want to make some cushions, a coffee table runner and maybe some other random thing.

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog as usual!! 
I hope that you all have an excellent Thursday!!