Song of The Day - Thursday - Busy Train!

Morning All!
It's finally Thursday and the sun is shining brightly. The train seems to be quite busy this morning and that means no window seat today, luckily the people by the windows are asleep so I look over them without annoying them. 

I got in a little more The Sims 4 in last night and it was quite entertaining. My alien Sim got married to a human sim and she became pregnant, a day later the human Sim laughed himself to death. He was quite a jolly fellow in life and obviously thought a joke was a bit to funny. Now she was incredibly sad and kept crying, fast forward to a few more days later and she received a text from his ghost asking out on a catch up date. They immediately fall in love again even though he disappears at the end of the meal. Oh yeah she had the baby...babies, she had twins a girl and a boy. I also aged up the babies to children because alien mum was far too distracted.  
More next time. 
Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading!
I hope you have a great Thursday!