Song of The Day - Monday -Another Week, Another Monday!

Morning All!
Wow that weekend was good and went too quickly!! 

Blake surprised me by buying RimWorld for me, he knew I had been pouring over the let's plays of it. Blitzkrieger and Sips have the most fun. I am hoping to get a longer play through at some point this week. 

On Saturday we cut back the garden because it had become a jungle, it now looks like a barren hay field. In the evening we went to see The Rocky Horror Show at The Marlow Theatre in Canterbury. I was still on a theatre high come Sunday and it love the programmes I got at the show. 

Sunday we did a little shopping, had a nice lunch, played some RimWorld and went to a 6 year olds birthday party. It was a lot of fun, birthday boy was spoilt with presents and he got a trampoline for his birthday. 

Don't forget to tune in for musical Mondays, this week is 'Into The Woods'. 
Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog!!!
I Hope you all have a brilliant Monday!!