Song of The Day - Friday - FriYay!

Happy Friday Indeed!
It's a beautiful day today and it's the end of the week, what more could we want. 

This weekend is a little busy again but it should be a good one. Saturday I am going to see the Rocky Horror Show in Canterbury, despite the fact that Blake looks great in his Magenta costume. The Marlow Theatre is a lovely new theatre,  the seats are very com with plenty of leg room (even for tall people).  

On Sunday we are going to a 6 year olds birthday party, he will probably have me playing football, being a bad guy from Star Wars and have me running around. 

Tonight I have the house to myself so I will be working on musical Mondays, playing games and probably having a little drink. I may even watch a film as well, the night is mine. 
Song of The Day:

I have been watching the first series of The Shannara Chronicles and I love the theme tune.

Thank you for reading my blog it means a lot to me!
Hope you all have an awesome Friday and an Epic weekend!