Things I Have Learnt From Owning Cats

Having pets can be incredibly rewarding and bring you great joy, they also can confuse and infuriate you. Cats are a lot different to dogs, in fact they are what most cat owners call them Fluffy Arseholes.

My cats never have a dull moment, they can go from sleeping to bat shit insane in minutes without any noticeable prompt. Here are a few things that I have learnt over the years featuring Leia, Jiji, Ziggy, Twiggy.

* Everything can be a toy if it can be move, sometimes when it can't be moved as well.

* Cardboard boxes are way better than the toy that came in it.

* Bags are just as good as boxes.

* Morning is when it's light is outside.

* It is wrong to sneeze in front of a cat.

* They always want to eat things that could potentially kill them.

* Doors are great to climb, they are not so great to get down from though.

* They seem to be solar powered.

* Indoor want to go outside until you shut the door on them. 

* Flies, moths and other bugs will keep them occupied for hours.

*Cats can sleep very comfortably wherever they sleep.

* The cutest faces don't always mean they don't have claws.

Thank you for reading!