Song of The Day - Wednesday - Feeling Summery

Happy Wednesday!
We have made it to the half way point once again and I'm so glad that it's a sunny one. I left before Blake this morning because he was still getting ready, I made it half way and I see him bumbling down the road like he had taken one step and he was behind me.  I didn't have to walk by myself for the rest of the way.

I have been a busy little bee the last few days with the building of content for the blog site, I'm hoping you all will like it. The content includes a Cooking With Cloud Zombie post, a very small Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard and some fun little thoughtful posts. 

I have been thinking about doing special star wars nails for when I go to Star Wars Celebration Europe in London.  I need to get my research on for this because this is quite an epic thing for me to try. I shall keep you posted on my findings and experiments. 
Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have an excellent Wednesday!