Song of The Day - Tuesday - Sunshine Day!

Happy Tuesday!
Good Morning Everyone, I am back after a long weekend of busy fun. I have got my Monday sleepy head on even if it is Tuesday, I could have slept all day if life and my day day job would let me. 

I have had quite an epic long weekend seeing family, going to weddings and seeing great films. Friday was Blake and I's engagement anniversary so we drank prosecco and watched Spaced the tv series while saying the lines before they happen and laughing like teenagers. 

On Saturday we went to Howletts Wild Animal Park with Blake, my mum, my Auntie and my two little cousins. My Auntie and my two little cousins had come over to visit from Ireland and it has been a while since I had seen them. 

On Sunday we went to our friends wedding in Tunbridge Wells. It was a lovely day and I am so glad that the sun came out for them. There was plenty of food, fun, wine and bad dancing. 

On Monday we slept late, went food shopping and went to see The Secret Life of Pets. The review will be coming soon, it was everything I wanted it to be. 

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Tuesday!