Song of The Day - Friday - Happy Star Wars Celebration 2016!

Happy Friday!
Yes we have finally got through to that point of the week and I am so glad! 

Last night was our first night in since Monday and it was much needed. We did get the first episode of the second series of Scream in though, I am so glad to have it back in my life! If you haven't seen the first series you really should, it's on Netflix and second series episodes are going on weekly.

This weekend is another busyish one starting with Sherlock Holms game night this evening. This is where we try to solve the crimes Sherlock cannot be bothered to solve, we are quite bad at this but it's a lot of fun especially since my brother in law in the GM and he puts up with a lot of distraction.

Tomorrow I am going to Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London. I have a little post coming out about my plans for the day so keep your eyes peeled. 
Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog! 
I hope that you have a great Friday and an Awesome Weekend!