Cooking With Cloud Zombie - What do I Have In My Fridge - Savoury Pastries

It has been a while since I have posted a baking or cooking post. So I thought I would post something I whipped up last Sunday.
This was an experiment recipe that came about because we were due for a food shop and I had a lot of odd foods hanging around from my birthday but nothing I could make a meal that went together.
These were my ingredients:

* 1 Sheet Just Roll Light Puff Pastry Sheet
* 1 Yellow Bell Pepper
* 3 Sticks of Celery
* 1 Nob of Butter
* 1 Sour Cream and Chive dip

1) Firstly I got the pastry out of the fridge and put it to one side, this makes it more manageable when you roll it out flat.

2) I chopped the pepper into small cubes and sliced the celery thinly.
3) I then cooked them in the butter until soft and added the cooked pepper and celery to the divided pastry. You can cut them smaller than this if you want.

4) I spooned the sour cream and chives dip onto the top of the celery and peppers so it covered the top of them. 
5) When I had finished adding the filling I folder over the lid and pressed it down using a fork to seal the edges. I also pricked the centre, this will hopefully stop them from exploding. 

6) I put them in at the suggested temperature of 200 decrees Celsius and cooked them for 15-20 minutes. Times may vary with each oven so make sure you keep an eye open on the cooking process, nobody wants burnt food.
7) I let them sit for a couple of minutes before serving them with sweet mashed potatoes. 


  1. How did they taste? They look great!

  2. Hi Jeremy! Sorry for the incredibly late reply.
    They were excellent and I am pretty chuffed they turned out as well as they did.


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