Song of The Day - Thursday - Hello There Sunshine!

Good Morning!
It seems the sun has come back after yesterday's cold spell. Today is definitely iced drink day today. 

Last night I went off road and made burgers for dinner, I had a long day and burgers seemed like a good idea. We also watched Stuart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, he is such a clever and funny guy. 
We had an early night because we were staying up to late a lot recently and it really wasn't helping with getting through the day. Before we went to sleep I watched a few YouTube videos, watching Sips and Simon of The Yogscast play Ikea simulator was a hilarious end to the evening. 

Today at the lunchtime period my post on Download Festival survival guide is coming out, take a look if you are going and take a look if you are not. 
Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Thursday! 
For two weeks the theme is: Bands of Download Festival 2016
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