Song of The Day - Monday - Back to Reality

Good Morning!
I'm back from Brighton (Boooo) and I am also back to work (Boooo), I am incredibly tired as well because I have had a busy holiday with a lot of walking. 

I shall be putting up at some point this week (hopefully but no promises) a post on my adventures at the Brighton Fringe Festival. I will tell you a story of a first few hours in Brighton. 

When we first arrived at the hotel we weren't allowed to check in yet so we thought we would try out the bar as you do. We find a spot in the corner by the window that had a sofa and some arm chairs to sit while we have our drink. The weather was lovely on the way down and as soon as we toasted to the holiday a flash rainstorm started. Blake is convinced is family is cursed with bad holiday weather but that was freaky.
I really hope that Download festival doesn't become nasty this year (Fingers crossed). 

We got back from Brighton yesterday afternoon after an impromptu traffic jam. Being that it was my Mum's birthday on Saturday and we were still on holiday so we took her out for Sunday lunch in a place of her choosing. In the evening we got back to Uncharted 4 since we had been away and it had been calling since we had returned home. 

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for sticking around while I was on holiday and I hope that you all have an excellent Monday! 
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