Song of The Day - Friday - Holy Friday Batman!

Good Morning Everyone!
I was up a little earlier than usual today and am feeling quite energised this morning.

 This I hope will help me get through the horrendously busy morning I am going to have when I start work today, it's basically month end for insurance since we are having a bank holiday weekend and that leaves on day for them to get stuff in. Preparing for this is will probably have my usual dose of Caffeine plus some sort of Caffeine based fizzy drink, I will get through this day unscathed. 

Over the weekend I'll be doing some jobs at home, hopefully some things in the garden like mowing the grass because it looks like a small jungle out there. We also will be going to see Xmen Apocalypes. 
Thank you for reading my blog! 
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an epic weekend! 
My music theme for the next week and a half will be:
Bands of Download 2016
Song of The Day: