Song of The Day - Friday - Sunshine, Rainbows and Let's Get Through It!

Good Morning & Happy Friday!!
It's the last day of the working week (for me anyway) and I am more or less awake and ready to get this day down. 

Over the last week I have managed to work on a lot of content for the blog, I am getting ready for when I am away at Download festival and for the weeks ahead. I am kind of fed up with stressing at the last minute to get content out. 

There also may be a few Download Festival themed posts coming because I am incredibly excited, it has been a few years since I had attended a big festival. Are you going?  Let me know what you plan to do to make the most of the festival. 

This weekend we are home to the Emotionally Fourteen Crazy Train podcast recording, this is usually my time to write, game and bake. Saturday evening if Bad Movie Night, I have no idea what we are watching and a little scared because it is usually something I hadn't heard of and never wanted to. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that your Friday goes well and that your weekend is epic!
Song of The Day: