My Time At The Brighton Fringe Festival 2016

This year I was lucky enough to visit Brighton during the Fringe Festival, come with me as I revisit my time there.
Day 1
Upon arriving at the hotel we of course went straight to the bar. It was a long journey and couldn't check in yet so we settled at on some chairs by the window. We toasted to the beginning of the holiday and in true curse of my partners family it began to not just rain but rain like it hadn't rained for months.
10 - 20 minutes later it stops all of a sudden and when we step outside it is completely dry like the rain had ever fallen. Since the sun was so fabulous we go in search of other places to drink, eat and find our first show.

Random colourful cone sculpture in the centre of the road.

Fringe Festival decorations, I really liked how they moved in the wind.

Second drink of the day at Wahaca - Passion fruit margarita, they don't skimp on the booze.  

Does anyone else think he looks like Eddie Murphy?

Cthulhu restaurant

I don't know about you but this is scary as hell to me.

First Venue or is it?

I asked for some sweet potato chips and I got a baking tray full, literary a baking tray was my plate.

The Rialto is the venue we saw most shows in.

Day 2

This rhino on the wall had smoke coming out of it's nostrils and thought that was quite cool.

We all know how this is done right?

Some cool art/sculpture

More graffiti in Brighton.

Another drink

Blake wishing for something, hopefully not to be big because he's far too tall for his own good.

This made me chuckle because I am a child.

Beautiful mural on the side of a building.

A street band busking at the Fringe, sorry about the finger in the corner.

Another one of these.

Kraken Rum and Coke on the beachfront.


Day 3
Another drink

Me trying to be arty but failing.

Scary little fella.

I found a Banksy

Some really amazing looking puppets at The Warren.

I think The Warren was a popup venue for the fringe.

The Hobgoblin with it's cool decore.

A place we had lunch

Back at the Rialto

And another drink

Me trying to be arty again.
On the last night we were woken by a fire alarm, I had only been asleep for about half and I think I must have been in a deep sleep. This of course scared the shit out of me and I followed the usual rules of fire evacuation and got dressed quickly. Once we had got down to reception it turned out that a fly had got into the alarm system and set it off. I went back to bed, shaken and not being able to sleep for a long while.
Day 4 - Just The Morning
The hotel bedroom shot that everyone does.

Blake want to be part of the situation.

Grumpy pigeon, it sat there making grumpy pigeon noises all the time we were there.

Last few shots before our drive home. Upon leaving the room I took all the free stuff I could. My argument for doing that was because of the fact the false fire alarm that the receptionist on duty didn't care about and left many without telling them it was a false alarm. I also took lots of jams and honey.

Side shot of our hotel.

Goodbye Rialto, thanks for the good times!

The Thermos Museum

The Thermos Museum is a comedic but edifying experience. Twelve suitcases unfold to reveal numerous astonishing displays. However, the public are not free to reign; visitors are escorted around the museum by a mysterious and disenchanted tour guide. Digression seems to rule over flask information. Truths are blurred. The exhibits are presented in themed tableaux, such as 'Thermos at War' (featuring audio-visual effects), and the uniquely educational 'Flasks of the World'. - Brighton Fringe

You should defiantly check it out!

I didn't know what to expect when I first entered the venue and was surprised by the fact it was not actually our venue, the actual venue was out the back where the bins were. This is my first Fringe Festival so I wasn't expecting to see exhibits displayed on bins, a tiny laundry room and be treated to a slide show in a storage cupboard. It was well worth the tour.   


Times are dangerous for the Jews of Prague. Windows are being smashed. Graveyards are being overturned. The threat of violence and murder is ever present. Rabbi Loew, leader of the community, makes a creature from mud - a being of enormous strength, with the power to defend the Jews from their enemies. But can the old Rabbi control his own creation? The electrifying tale of the original Frankenstein, Golem is a spine-tingling exploration of what it means to be a man – or a monster.- Brighton Fringe

The venue was a little church sandwiched in the middle of some terraced houses. It was an amazing one man show and the church was very chilly, I felt this added to the performance.

Dave Bailey

'Beige Against The Machine', brought to you by comedian Dave Bailey. If you want to escape all the horrible stuff for about an hour and see a lower middle/upper working class comedian complain about those little insignificant daily annoyances that most people simply don't see & almost certainly don't allow to fester & ruin their days and lives... then this is the show for you.
"Bailey is the one to watch" (The Argus)
"Enjoyable, engaging, with clear talent... good show" (Three Weeks) - Brigton Fringe

I had seen Dave Bailey a long time before this show, back in Kent at a comedy and music not called Rock 'N' Rant. He is well worth a watch, should be getting more money than he was charging.

Terrible plots, awful characters, illogical twists. Waiting For The Call presents 'Notflix', the most horrible, least recommended, original movies from audience suggestion. Could it get any worse? Actually yes. It's improvised. And a musical.'Notflix'. The worst movies ever made, worsened with music. Funny Women and Laughing Horse New Act of the Year Semi Finalists 2015 and the Sunday Times and Elle Magazine pick of the Edinburgh Fringe.- Brighton Fringe

They are an enjoyable and talented bunch of young actresses. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one because it was inprov. The show started off a little slow but it turned out to be a fantastic little show that was well worth the watch.  

Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon
Ever wondered what would happen if Shakespeare was kidnapped by a crazed fairy king in an enchanted forest? Well, wonder no more. Shakespeare's greatest characters must band together in a new-look avengers roster. With the fate of the Bard and his mystical infinity quill in the balance, can Shakespeare's heroes put aside their differences and save their creator from the evil machinations of Oberon, Lord of Midsummer? **** (Broadway Baby); **** (Fringe Guru) - Brighton Fringe

Hilarious and enjoyable. This show was great fun and this is what happens when you have talent and timing for comedy. If you find a way to watch this show I would give it a watch.

James Bennison - How To Be A Supervillain
Award-winning comedian James Bennison has had enough and has decided to take over the world. Join him as he shows you how simple it is to become the glorious leader of all in schemes which involve starting a cult of minions to do his bidding, becoming the king of a small country and building the ultimate doomsday weapon to hold the world to ransom.
Come and find out if you have what it takes to join his new world order... or suffer the consequences.- Brighton Fringe

Bow down to your new overlord. James Bennison is a hilarious comedian, I look forward to seeing more from him and maybe in the future seeing him on his very own tv show.
The History of Everything in 60 Minutes (More or Less)
Everything you ever wanted to know about everything ... ever. Silly, surreal and satirical fast-paced comic adventure through history – from the dawn of time to the present day. Debut solo show from Ben Watson (Treason Show). "John Cleese with sex appeal" (The Scotsman) - Brighton Fringe

Wonderful, Genius, Perfect and Beautiful! If you ever get to see this show do it because you are missing out if you do.


Thank you for reading!