Song of The Day - Monday - Hate Monday, Must Kill Monday!

Morning All!
My stomach woke me up at 4 this morning and made me lose a lot of sleep, Monday will be fun this week.  On the bright side I was organised this morning and we left on time to walk down to the train station, I was there 2 trains before mine because we walked so quickly. 

My partner had lost a friendly bet at work whether his client was going to turn up or not, he said that he'd eat his hat if they turned up. This is where I came in because he asked me to bake a cake shaped hat so that he could eat it at work on Monday, I can't wait to hear the outcome. To see pictures check out Baking with Cloud Zombie later in the week. 

On Saturday we had a cold start since the pilot light in the boiler went out and we couldn't get it to relight, Blake has left a message with the boiler guy and we are waiting for him to get back to us. Since we were unsure whether or not they would turn up we thought we better tidy our bedroom just in case we needed to get to the hot water tank. We chucked away a lot of crap that day. We also cleaned the rest of the house, washing up with boiled kettle water.

On Sunday we were hosts to the E14 Crazy Train podcast, I baked, watched let's plays and played Sims 4 whilst they talked away. Sunday evening we watched Mad Max: Fury Road and ate pizza because it had been a busy weekend and we were both too tired and I wasn't feeling great. 

Tonight since we can only wash in cold water we are going to for baths at his parents house since we can walk home quickly afterwards, we still don't have our new car. Yay for hot water and central heating! 

Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you have a great Monday! 
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