Song of The Day - Monday - Grey Skies Monday

Morning All!
I didn't sleep too well last night, the heating was acting out again and the house was hot. I also had scenes in mu head from an episode of One Tree Hill I watched about 7 years ago and have no bloody idea why my head decided to do this to me. Beats thinking about things like work or the usual crap that keeps me awake usually.

I have been adulting a little this weekend in the form of buying a new car. It's so new it has to be shipped to the car place before we can even get it. We've never had a brand new car. I know I'm an adult now because I am actually pretty excited about getting a new car. It does mean that we shall be have no money for a while.

On Sunday I got to see my Mum for a little while which was fantastic because I hadn't seen her for ages and I really am am a bad daughter for leaving it that long We drank tea and put the world to rest, mum also bought over some books for me to read.

For the rest of the day we finished 'The Order 1886', we were lent it by one of Blake's friends and we had it for longer than we should so that was our Sunday afternoon. 

We watched Ant Man with dinner which was excellent and I may have to watch it again this week.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
Have a great Monday. 
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