Weight Loss Adventures: Just BEE

As you all know I have been getting back into my weight loss since it really needs to happen and I really don't have an excuse anymore not to. As part of that I have started looking for alternatives and replacements to everyday products that I can use in my diet without feeling guilty for drinking or eating it. I am a foodie and I love to cook and bake, join me as I riffle through the shops to find new things and discover the new me.
My first chosen product is Just BEE.
There are three different drinks (that I know of) in this range: Lemon, Green tea and a hint of honey
Blueberry, Lemon and a hint of honey
Apple, Ginger and a hint of honey

I tried Blueberry and Apple since the green tea will probably make me ill, I have had bad times with green tea before and I didn't need to be feeling sick to my stomach at work.

Blueberry, Lemon and A Hint of Honey
- This was my drink I had with breakfast and it was surprisingly refreshing and I found it eased my stomach ache I had that day. It doesn't taste like you are drinking chemicals and it doesn't leave a sugary after taste in your mouth at all unlike most popular fizzy drinks do.
Apple, Ginger and A Hint of Honey
- I drank this one after lunch and was surprised by how fiery the ginger was in the drink. It was pleasant and was different enough from the blueberry drink that I could appreciate the different tastes and feel bored with them.