Song of The Day - Wednesday - Train Friends!

Good Morning Everyone and 
A Very Happy Wednesday!
I have the other half and his work colleague on my train today, I am trying to give them the full commuter experience by ignoring them and typing my blog on my phone. I did point out to them several times double seats so they didn't have to chat across the isle. Rookie commuters! 

The other half bought The Martian on Amazon prime for me last night as a surprise while he was over at his parents house, it sorted my evening out nicely even though I had originally planned to write. I was feeling a little dishevelled when I got home last night, the train was running late and I fell up the station stairs onto my knee I hurt the last time and was still a little sore. The weather was absolutely rubbish last night (and today) that I got a taxi home, our car died the other day and wasn't in the mood to get soaked in the rain. 

I plan to get a lot of writing done today, Blake has his brother over so I will able to get on with what I need to do without worrying I have to entertain.
 Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard is out today and it is a bad movie night special so watch out for that today around the lunchtime period. 
I will let you get on and stop talking at you, thank you for reading my blog and hopefully you have a great Wednesday despite the sogginess of it.
Song of The Day: