Song of The Day - Wednesday - All The Tiredness

Good Morning!
Awake early again for the early shift and I may need my emergency diet coke this morning to keep me ready and awake.

Last night I watched the second episode of Victorian Bakers with dinner and actually really enjoying it, the 3rd episode was on last night but as usual I'm late to the party and behind. I may watch the next episode over the weekend sometime when I'm not at a wedding, I have Monday off since we will be driving there and back in the same day and it somewhere in Hampshire.

I also got a fair bit of stuff written up for the blog and my film reviews will be up today around the lunchtime period today. It has been hard given how tired this shift makes me but I really enjoy doing it and it helps me through the day/week.
Roll on the end of the day!
Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you have a great Wednesday! 
Song of The Day: