Song of The Day - Tuesday - 4 Day Week!

Good Morning All!
I'm back after a long weekend with a few adventures under my belt. It wasn't too hard to get up this morning but I'm sure I could have moved faster and gotten more organised. This morning's walk down to the station was quite pleasant and it wasn't overly cold, let's see how the rest of today pans out.

Friday night was great yet tiring as usual when it comes to playing the Sherlock Holms game we usually play. We sucked big time and managed to get the answers around the wrong way. We have done worse though and at least we got some answers.

Saturday we did boring adult stuff and cleaned out our bedroom of junk and began to sort through the crap. The evening was more interesting because it was bad movie night and we honestly did watch some shonk. I will be doing a bad movie night special for my film review section if not this week, definitely next week.

Sunday we were up early to prepare for the wedding we were attending that day. Our friends picked us up at 10:30am for our long drive up to Hampshire. The journey up was mostly covered in spooky floating thick fog making me think I journeying into Silent Hill. 

The wedding was at a huge old Manor house that you could have fit my house into it probably over 10 times. It was beautifull inside and out, I wish I had taken more pictures. After a wonderfully eventful day we left around 9pm and back into the fog onwards to home.

Monday was our relaxation day since we had spent Sunday at a wedding. I for one welcomed a layin since we have been up early every day of the weekend. 

Now Tuesday is apon us and it's time to get ready for work. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you all have a lovely day!
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