Song of The Day - Thursday - Train Seat Chess

Good Morning All!
Another day has dawned and it is still the working week despite how much my brain wants it to be. Even though I had written a Wednesday blog yesterday I still kept thinking it's Thursday, sadly it's Thursday today and I am still further from the weekend than I would like. 

On the train this morning I attempted to take a double seat twice and both times other people got there before me, all I want is a window seat so I can enjoy the view and maybe take pictures of it.

Last night the other half had his brother over for a boardgames night, I excused myself to eat my dinner while they went to set up their game. Once I has got dinner out of the way I swiftly moved on to Minecraft. Im currently using the Enchanted Oasis mod pack on the Technic launcher, a little bit of creative mode helps me relax after a long day. I am currently working on a palace of some kind, I am thinking of building up on this world into something big. Is a let's play in order? Maybe...we shall see.

Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you all have an excellent Thursday! 
Song of The Day: