Song of The Day - Thursday - Soggy Feet Thursday

Good Morning Everyone!
It's a bit of a soggy one today.

It's the other half's first day back to work, he chose a great day to have to walk to work. Luckily he was organised and packed his umbrella in hos new bag I got home for his birthday. Bless him! 

I'm on the train feeling a little soggy and glad that I managed to get a seat since it's harder to do now they have made my train four coaches long. Some people still insist that their bag should have a seat even though seating is hard to come by, I had to direct a poor soggy man to a seat that had become someone's filing cabinet. I think I would have stared the guy down if he hadn't moved his stuff.

Last night I had the house to myself so I had some much needed gaming and blog time. I also got to chat to a few fellow gamers that I follow on YouTube which was awesome. I did play some Minecraft since origin didn't want me to play The Sims 4, the server must be down for maintenance. I got a few things done in my survival and creative games so all was not lost.

Now onto the day! We can do this, it's Friday tomorrow! 
Thank you all for reading my blog, please check out my videos of the day.
Have an excellent Thursday! 
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