Song of The Day - Monday - Another Legend Has Left The Building

Morning All!
Feeling incredibly sad this morning, David Bowie passed away and this mans music has been apart of my life for a long time. From music to film he has woven himself into history and has sharing his talents for many years. Let's celebrate this great man by listening and watching our favourite David Bowie moments.

The weekend started like it usually starts by me wanting to get home and cursing tye slowness of the train. We watched Jurassic Park, well I watched Jurassic Park since Blake fell asleep shortly after the goat met his maker. The poor boy just can't hack it.

Saturday morning we went to see my Mum and my Nan, my Nan was going back to Ireland that day and I want to see her before she left for the airport. After that we went home for lunch of try and finish all the Christmas food before next week. We were a little lazy after that since we hadn't had a day where we hadn't had to be somewhere or entertain for ages. 

Sunday we played host to E14's (Emotionally Fourteen presents: The Crazy Train) Crazy Train podcast while I got in some much needed gaming. That evening we had pizza for dinner because we were tired and we were going back onto the My Fitness Pal diet plan on Monday. 

Yes today I weighed myself for my fitness pal's records, I have managed to create some weight from the several months of weddings and Christmas and so on. Today we start again and try to get rid of the belly.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
Hope you all have an excellent Monday. 
Song of The Day:
My song of The Day is in tribute to the late David Bowie, this is one of my favourites.