Song of The Day - Friday - Did I Actually Sleep?!

Good Morning!
I have it seems to had the worst nights sleep, trying to get up this morning was a major effort. Fortunately it is Friday and I will survive through the day!

Last night was spent pretty much the usual way I spend evenings during the week, being grumpy, watching something that will cheer me up, eating dinner and then watching YouTube videos in bed. This week has called for a lot of video watching to keep me going, there's nothing like Sips swearing at computer game characters to cheer me up. 
Tonight I foresee the same for tonight's but with wine this time.

This weekend we shall be car hunting since our car died last week and we would like to have one so we can actually go to places without taking an hour to get anywhere. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you all have an excellent Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
Song of The Day: