Song of The Day - Friday - Thank Robco It's Friday

Good Morning All!
I am actually awake!  I REPEAT I am Awake! 
Yes it's finally Friday after a long week off work, I have had a hell of a long week and 5pm cannot come any quicker. 

I was in an incredibly bad mood when I got home last night and Blake offered me wine from the corner while holding a chair until I had turned back into calm Kat. We watched Brooklyn Nine Nine with dinner, I spent most of it telling Jiji to go away since she was determined to sit in my and Blake's pasta. She tends to answer back when you tell her off for something she really wants to do and that's how I end up having an argument with a cat.

I got to sleep about half 10 last night and this time it worked because I felt some much better this morning. I'm not how I will feel later especially because we have a game of Sherlock Holms to play after work, I wonder how well we do this time. 

We also have bad movie night on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday and an extra day off Monday. We have a fully packed weekend, let's get to it.

Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an epic weekend! 
Song of The Day: