Song of The Day - Friday - Perfume Cloud Train

Good Morning and a very happy Friday!
I am currently being suffocated by a perfume cloud that has be released by an overly preened girl next to me, I really hope she doesn't spray anything else because I'd rather not die on the train to work.

Last night I was happily watching my YouTube videos in bed when the power went and I was plunged into darkness. It seemed to take all the street and the street lights for a couple of roads in my area last night. As usual Blake was totally unaware of this because he was dead to the world and filling the bedroom with snores. 

We restarted the second series of Brooklyn 99 last night, we did start watching it on TV but we missed episodes and said we would have to wait for it to go onto Netflix or we bought it on Amazon prime. I had forgotten how much fun it is, I recommend a watch if you get a chance. 

This evening I forsee Jurassic Park in my evenings viewing, we got the quadrilogy for Christmas and have been trying to get a proper spare moment to watch them. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an epic weekend.
Song of The Day: