David Bowie : A Musical Legend

David Bowie has been a big part of not only my life but he has been a big part of everyone else's and he is a part of history.
He has release many albums and has tried hand at acting as well, his music has touched everyone somewhere in their heart and soul.
As well as Davids music his acting as been there too in many forms, Labyrinth being one that spring to most minds if you were a child around the 80's and 90's.
I grew up with my Mum listening to his music and you tend to take on the music as a love of your own, it wasn't until I met my husband to be and his family will I really appreciate how great this man really way. He managed to say it with his music when nobody else knew how and it just felt right.
David Bowie reinvented himself time after time and each time he chilled, surprise and amazed us with his works of musical art. He really was a true timelord to me.
I hope where ever you are now you are bringing your timeless music with you.
Rest in peace Mr Bowie and Thank you for the music.