Song of The Day - Wednesday - YouTube and Mash Potatoes

Good Morning All!
Happy Hump Day Everyone! 
We have hit the halfway point of The week and I have actually had a great nights sleep for once. 

Blake was off out doing his usual thing of playing geeky boy board games with his brother, I however was the complete opposite.  I had a shower and got into my pj's because it had been that sort of day, I ate pie and Mash Potatoes while watching Hannah's Advent on YouTube, I worked on some of my Advents for the blog and watched more YouTube.
All in all a pretty much evening.

Tonight we shall be doing some online Christmas shopping, I may have to get someChristmasy snacks for when we shop. I may even break out Christmas music and wine.
Tune in at 10:30 to see today's advent.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
Hope you all have an excellent Wednesday! 
Song of The Day: