Song of The Day - Wednesday - Bye Bye Money

Good Morning all!
I bought my monthly train travel pass this morning and my bank account is now crying, at least I don't have to get another one until the end of January.

This morning was exceedingly hard to get up, it's funny how you are at the most comfortable point in your sleeping pattern just before the alarm pulls you out of it. I may need more Caffeine to keep me awake today because I just fall asleep on the train.

I made a pasta bake with some leftovers that I had put away for just this moment, tonight I'm making pie from some other leftovers and then they should be gone. 
Hopefully the pie will turn out ok since I do not get to make it very often.

This is where I will leave you because my eyes are sore. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have a fun Wednesday! 
Song of The Day: