Song of The Day - Tuesday - Misty Rain

Good Morning All!
I'm starting half an hour later today because I have to cover people going to the office party. Thing is I have to get the same train I usually get, since all the works at London Bridge I will be late if I get the charing cross train because it no longer stops at London Bridge. Having to go all the way to either Waterloo East or Charring Cross would make me late.
 So This is why I have to get to London an hour before this shift in order to be on time and it sucks balls! 

Also I'm on the overtime shift for the rest of the week tomorrow, so I get home late from being on the late shift and then I get up incredibly early. I will not be getting much free time this evening.

Sorry about that. 
Last night was pretty much the usual evening that involved watching a TV series episode with dinner and YouTube. We watched the Christmas episode of 'Bottom' - Holy, which is always a fun episode. We watched Yogscast videos on YouTube, Corvax's Christmas Cracker and To The Core. 

My Christmas film reviews will hopefully be up tomorrow if I can get time out of my tiny evening, I will try to make sure up by tomorrow lunchtime.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
Hope you all have an excellent Tuesday.
Song of The Day:

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