Song of The Day - Thursday - Last Day of 2015!

Good Morning to you all!
It's the last working day of the week for me and also mine last day of work until next year!! 
(I go back to work on 5th January 2016)

We're having a little new years get together at my house so I've left the house tidy up in the hands of Blake my other half, let the games begin. 

Today will probably be horribly busy because the brokers that should have been doing their work before the end of the year had spent most of December in the pub. I'm hoping to be able to leave a little earlier today because the dash to London Victoria has not been my idea of fun, I can't wait until they reopened Cannon Street again! 

Hopefully 2015 will end nicely and give way to 2016 where hopefully will not bring bad tidings.
Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully enjoying it along the way, watch this space for 2016.
Hope you all have an excellent Thursday and a very Happy New Year! 
See you on the other side. 
Song of The Day: