Song of The Day - Thursday - The Eve of Christmas

Good Morning All!
I'm on the early shift today and I am incredibly tired due to a late Christmas food shop run and a very late dinner.
I am still feeling under the weather which is a shitter because it's Christmas but a Christmas Cold is somewhat a tradition for me. 

I didn't get to bake last night because we were so busy so I will probably get some things from the shop on the way in to get a fee treats for the team. I have just been so busy and/or tired this week so I just haven't had the extra time to bake, I will try and do some for the three days during the week after Christmas. 

This is it from me until after Christmas I'm afraid, if I feel I get time I will try and put up a Christmas blog but you know how Christmas can be. Thank you for reading my blog, I really do enjoy doing it and I hope you enjoy it to. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!  
Song of The Day: