Song of The Day - Thursday - Star Wars!

Good Morning All!
And a Very Happy Star Wars Day!
I will not be seeing episode 7 until Sunday unfortunately but I didn't want to risk southeastern rail trying to spoil my fun with some sort of horrific delay. It does mean I get to spend the next few days dodging spoilers because some people get pleasure in upsetting people and/or are utterly selfish.

Last night we drank sparkling wine, watched Dare Devil and watched Hannah's Advent Calendar on YouTube. Since the partner is off work for the rest of the week I didn't have to get up as early this morning. I made a big dinner yesterday and I am taking the left overs in for lunch. 

I am doing a bit of baking tonight for Saturday, I can't do it Friday because we are busy. I'm hoping it will turn out OK, usually giving this particular make a day to set makes it even better.
Thank you for reading.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 
Song of The Day: