Song of The Day - Thursday - Why Am I Awake?

Good morning all!
I have the worst stomach this morning, I'm wondering to myself as the train speeds towards London and inevitably work 'why am I going in when I feel so Crap?'

The Yogscast Jingle Jam was fun yesterday even though I only watched a little bit on the train home. I can't remember who is on tonight's Jingle Jam but I will probably watch some on the train on the way home. I also watched the second day of Hannah's Advent, Kim was on it this time.

 Tonight I will mostly be watching Christmas tv series while wishing the weekend would come sooner. Last night we watched the Christmas Blackadder, the other day we watched a Family Guy Christmas special from series 3. 
Make sure you check out today's advent calender. Thank you for reading.
Have a great Thursday! 
Song of The Day: