Song of The Day - Monday - Back to Work Kicking and Screaming

Morning All!
I'm back on track this morning, it turns out that I had/have an ear infection that was making me feel so horrible on Thursday and Friday. I got a lot of sleep over the weekend and rested my ear from earphones/headphones, I will only be using headphones for a little while so I don't have anything in my ear. 

This weekend we slowly put up our Christmas decorations, of course this was much to the cats excitement. Jiji started chewing the lower branches as soon as the tree was up, what is it with cats and fake Christmas trees?

A few films were watched over the weekend to: Santa Who?, The Santa Clause and Olive The Other Reindeer. The reviews will be up this week sometime as I have to write them yet so watch this space. 

I made a turkey stew on Saturday because I wanted comfort food because I was feeling so poo. It was actually pretty yummy and we had dumplings with it (the English kind of course). 

I had my first Snowball of Christmas last night (the drink not an actual Snowball) with dinner and it was wonderful, may have to buy another bottle because we may have friends over.
Check out today's advent calendar that should be out at 10am!
Thank you all for reading my blog. 
Hope you all have an excellent Monday! 
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