Song of The Day - Monday - Festive and Tired

Morning All!
I am unsure how and why I am awake this morning,  I had an incredibly bad nights sleep and I am feeling a little unwell as a result. Roll on Monday evening! 

Over the weekend got our Christmas cheer kicked off by going to the Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival. Mulled wine, festive pasties and Christmas cheer followed by the Grumpy cat movie, South Park's Woodland Critter Christmas and Elf (stay tuned for Cloud Zombie's Festive Film Cupboard). 

On Saturday we went to see MockingJay part 2 and we looked around the shop in search of additions to our Christmas decorations. Pictures will follow soon.
Keep an eye out for my Advent Calendar today!
Thank you all for reading. 
Have a great Monday! 
Song of The Day: