My Favourite Christmas Movies

Everyone has a certain selection of Christmas movies they like to watch every year, my family and my extended family have a few that we watch as a tradition.

A Nightmare Before Christmas (+ Vincent in the DVD extras) - This one was an inherited tradition from my partners side of the family. We watch it every year on Christmas Eve, my partner turns into a big kid again when it starts.

BBC's The Snow Queen - This is not the best tv film in the world but I love to watch it all the same. My sister and I used to watch it every year on the CBBC channel even when it made her groan. Well I brought this tradition into my house and I now have a DVD of the film so my partner has no excuses not to watch it.

Polar Express - This is a sweet film that brings great adventures to life, I like to watch this one because it reminds me of time when Christmas was full of magic and surprises. Not that it isn't still all that nit hey you grow up and have to work through most of it.

(A National Lampoon's) Christmas Vacation - I had watched this as a child but this was a family favourite of my partners family and this is a must for Christmas time. Young Chevvy Chase, a very young Lenard from Big Bang Theory and a young Juliette Lewis.

A Muppet Christmas Carol - This is one of my top favourite Christmas films, I love it so much I have past on the enthusiasm to my younger sister. I know all the words to the songs and quite a few my the jokes, I would also happily watch this every day in December.