Song of The Day - Tuesday - Ok You May Now Begin

Good Morning All!
I'm awake, yep I promised. 
My eyes are so sore! 
Last night was spent setting up the first four days of my Christmas advent calendar, I'm on it this year!  

Yesterday was the longest Monday in a while and my train was delayed on the way home, it was not that bad but I was feeling extra tired and I was quite cross by the time I got home. 

Today is my Friends birthday that runs Tight Trash Fashion (@Glumcandy) go make her day and wish her happy birthday on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. If you are feeling extra nice you could buy some of her lovely jewellery, Christmas is coming up. ;-) 

I get an evening to myself tonight so I may actually get to play some Minecraft tonight!!  It's been so long!  Also Yogscast Jingle Jam starts today, I will be watching the stream when I can. I recommend you watch today because it's Lewis and Simon today/night.

Thank you all for reading 
Have a Great Tuesday! 
Keep an eye out for Cloud Zombie's Advent Calendar later on this morning. (I do not have photo shop and had to use paint to do this, don't judge me) 
Song of The Day: