Song of The Day - Wednesday - Crap App Vs Android: The Day of Truth

Good morning everyone!
Today I am using just the crap app for my blog since we are in the final stages of decorating the front room and I cannot get to my computer to set up a template this morning.
I will be editing this later so you will not have to look at this bad presentation for too long.
I spent most of my evening glossing the skirting boards and finishing them at last. The carpet people had a cancellation so instead of Thursday we are getting the carpet fitted this afternoon. This does mean I get to have my front room and my dinning room back. I may have to have some wine Friday to celebrate. Yes I know I'm so hard core.
Yesterday's word count was shameful, I will try to make it up today but we shall see. I will get through national Novel Writing Month!
Thank you for reading :-)
Tomorrow's blog will be back to normal hopefully, have a brilliant Wednesday!

(Now Edited)
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