Song of The Day - Tuesday - Fallout 4 Day

Good Morning all!
Happy Fallout 4 Day! 
My other half will be venturing up to jolly Bluewater today to pick up his long awaited game. He left with his 'Church of The Atom' t-shirt on so I think he may be excited about today. Bless him!

Yesterday I hit 16,578 words on my National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo challenge. I hit over 3,000 words yesterday, I did get a bit carried away. 

Last night we finish Archer while eating dinner, I then glossed some of the skirting boards in the front room. The cats seemed very interested to the paint, Leia in particular since she has now got white tips on her brown whiskers even though I told her to get away several times. Cat's never listen.
We actually have a carpet coming on Thursday, I can finally get my dinning room back!!! 

Thank you all for reading. 
Hope you all have an excellent Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: