Song of The Day - Tuesday - Pom Bears!

Good Morning Everyone!
A brisk run down to the station this morning due to leaving late, the train was a minute late but if I had not run it would have according to the law of sod turned up early. Better than yesterday though.

Last night we ventured to the new Asda that has been built near where we live, we wanted to be nosey and we needed to do a weekly shop anywhere. We came out with a normal shop, 2 huge fresh pizzas and SALT AND VINEGAR POM BEARS!!!
The other half would not believe me that they were real because he had never seen them. I hope he appreciates the awesomeness that is salt and vinegar Pom Bears.

I am over 3,000 words for my National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo (which sounds 5something from Mork and Mindy), today I'm going to work even harder today when I can and Smash yesterday's score.

Thank you for reading.
Have an awesome Tuesday! 
Song of The Day:

Today's song was brought you by Blake's random CD changer in his mind (yes that's right CS's, they were before MP3).