Song of The Day - Tuesday - Migraine City: Crap App Road

Morning All!
I was off ill yesterday with quite a horrible Migraine that would not go away. It was pretty much tele on in the background while I slept, I don't like being in my house alone when I am feeling unwell but obviously I can't make the other half stay in because he too has to work. So yesterday was a bit of a crappy day and today I am tired, my eye is sore and I am unsure how I am dragging myself into work.

The weekend went a little like this :
Since it was terribly cold we mostly began to sort out what we were going to take up the dump. We looked through our dvd and bluray collection and started sort through tv series and films.  The films with go into special multi cases and the tv series will stay as they are. We watch TV and cartoons while drinking tea and eating. Then there was Fallout 4.

On Sunday we were up early to take our collection of rubbish up to the dump. Then it was mostly boring adult stuff like cleaning and organising the newly decorated living room so our friends that were coming over could actually sit down and not be crushed by an avalanche of dvds. The guys came over and went off to record their podcast - Emotionally Fourteen presents The Crazy Train, if you are interested ;-) #ShamlessPlug
Then there was much gaming,  nidhog, mortal kombat and taking the piss out of each other.
In the evening we went over to the inlaws house for a late Birthday dinner for the other half's brother.  We had chili and dips, cheesecake and watched Big Trouble in Little China. It was a fun evening and a nice end to the weekend.
When it was time to go home I sat down on the stairs and as I leant down to pick up my shoes I smashed my head against the wooden part of the stairs by accident. It bloody hurt and I wasn't quite sure how I had done it.

We go full circle now because I woke up in the middle of the night with the Migraine I was telling you about. Fun stuff I know.

Thank you for reading
Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Skeeter Davis - The End of The World