Song of The Day - Thursday - Crap App Through The Looking Glass

Good morning everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving to our cousins over the pond :-)

It seems to be a cold morning since I can see my breath and fact that it is misting up my glasses. I'm so glad that the train is warm today.

Well last night we started to watch The wolverine since we hadn't seen it, the other half couldn't hack staying up to watch the film and fell asleep. I will hopefully be able to watch the rest at the weekend. He is so hardcore.

Jiji my cat decided she was going to be an incredibly needy baby and cry outside the bedroom door. I had to get up and walk around the living room talking to her and rocking her in my arms like a baby. She demanded love and she demanded it now.

Thank you for reading.
Have an excellent Thursday!

Song of The Day :
Dolly Parton - Nothing Dirty Going on