Song of The Day - Monday - More Weekend Please?!

Morning All!
Hello everyone! 
Did you have a fun weekend? 
I am awake mostly today which is a real plus for a Monday morning.  The other half is off this week due to a certain game coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Yes it's Fallout 4.

We are also getting a new carpet this week for the front room so yesterday and today the old carpet is in process of being ripped up, Blake will also be kind enough to take said carpet up the tip. I give him all the fun jobs om his week off. 

On Friday I spent most of the evening watching Blake trying to get through one of missions on Metal Gear as he failed to do so around the 50 times mark. He did get very annoyed with the game but he got there in the end. Hearing a cheer as I looked up from my phone signaled that. 

Saturday morning was running around like a headless chicken time. We went shopping, run some errands and cleaned the house nearly top to bottom. We ate chili cheese rolls for lunch and watched cartoons since we did a lot of grown up stuff for a big part of the day. 

The evening was filled with going to see a local fireworks display run by the council with friends and family. Eating homemade chili with jacket potatoes and corn bread. All in all a pretty successful dinner. We also had cakes and other various sweet things after for pudding. 

Sunday Blake had an early band practice, during that time I scalpeled the carpet to death, removed the bits I could and painted my nails while watching Relic Hunter on Amazon prime.

We were very lazy after he got home and I even managed to get a nap in before we went out with a curry with the inlaws. It was a very fancy Indian restaurant that did the fancy drizzly thing on the plate as decoration. 

All in all a pretty successful weekend! 
Let's see how today pans out shall we?! 
Thank you all for reading. 
Have a great Monday! 
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